membership plan

membership plan

wat to entry

wat to entry

- introduction entry  -

  • Being introduced by family and friends
  • A great way to enter the club, both you and your family/friend
  • willbe receive benifits
  • If you join seeing this website, you will receive two trail tickets for your family/friends.(worth 6,500yen)
on-site entry

- on-site entry -

  • please choose the best plan for yourself
  • please go over the notes below and bring the things needed.
  • Our front staff will proceed the entry on-site.

Flow formapplication to admission

About with drawing membership fee after joining.
We are entrusting withdrawal of membership fee to CEDYNA co.,Ltd.

things you need to be a member


■Note to use facilities
You must conform below to be a member of the club

Qualification for membership

  1. who agree to regulations of using the facility and who can follow rules of the facility
  2. who is healthy and not stopped by doctors to workout
  3. who does not have tatoos(including fashion tatoos)
  4. who does not have heart problems, high-blood pressure problems,infectious disease or mental problems
  5. who has not been abandoned in the any club in the past
  6. who has not been judged none-suitable as mamber

Manner Rules

  • bellow are the only things allowed in bathing area
  • towels・shampoo・conditioner・body soap・drinks with lids
  • Only towels and sauna mats are allowed in sauna
  • Do not make big noise in bathing area and sauna
  • No tatoos are allowed
  • please wear things that are suitable to workout
  • cell phones are allowed to be used at 5th floor lounge, 6th floor cafe lounge,certain area on 7th



  • Seibu Shinjyuku station North exit 2mins walk
  • JR Okubo station south exit 7 mins walk
  • Oedo line Shinjyuku station west exit 7mins walk
  • JR Shinokubo station 7mins walk
  • Marunouchi Line Shinjyuku station 8 mins walk
  • Oedo line Higashi Shinjyuku station 9mins walkk
  • Marunouchi Line Shinjyuku Sanchome station 9mins walk
  • JR Shinjyuku Station East exit 9mins walk
2-44-1 Tokyo Kenko plaza Hygeia 5F,Kabukicho,Shinjyuku 160-0021,Tokyo
Weekday 8:30-(Self 23:15-)
Sat 9:30-(Self 22:00-)
Sun 9:30-(Self 20:00-)
Holiday 9:30-(Self 20:00-)

※We are doing our best for a better service, waiting for everyone's interest and visit.

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